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Readers Respond: Do You Pee in Your Wetsuit?

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Most divers feel a need to pee in their wetsuits while scuba diving. Do you succumb to the call of nature underwater? Why or Why Not?


Of course you should pee in your wetsuit. You can't take it off on the beach or ocean, everyone would see your private parts.
—Guest Kumon Sucks

Convienence Zippers

I worked underwater on hookah for up to 8 hrs. Before the use of syn oil in compressors we used mineral oil (laxative)..The tiny ammounts mineral oil would makes its way down the line and you would end up swallowing some...I ended up having a convenience zipper installed....
—Guest agarnaut


Yes I do! But it doesn't keep you warmer. It's just the illusion of warmth. Your core body temp willa ctually drop.
—Guest Pee Man


I often need to, but find I have difficulty if I'm swimming and not vertical. This is why drift diving along a wall is the best. You won't look out of place if you stop moving and remain upright for a bit.
—Guest Andre


Normally a diver will pee in their wetsuit when the water totally cold or they more enjoy their dive and they don't want to finish it just for pee. diving in Bali is very amazing for me and i don't want to finish it just for pee :D
—Guest hendry

can that affect marine life?

As you explained is sterile, I guess its not. but why do sone signs in reef national parks ask not to pee in the reef? When I can´t help it I do, but always feel guilty about it!
—Guest Gabi

Yes I do

A dive is meant to be enjoyable. Peeing keeps it just that and allows our focus to be on the dive and safety associated with the dive
—Guest Big D

yellow river

dont do it,you will contract yellow johndus after a few episodes or event's,control is everything or ware a condum!
—Guest g/wrench

wetsuit peeing

Sure I pee in my wetsuit, but it takes some dicipline to remember when I'm diving dry not to. Women friends of mine use adult diapers with great success. Also remember to rinse out your wetsuit completely afterwards. once I forgot and left my wetsuit in a hot car trunk for a few days and was very surprised when I opened the trunk!
—Guest Denco

I hear you

Im a scuba diver and i always pee in my wet suit plus it makes you sooooo much warmer. Its perfect when you are diving in cold seas or see a shark:)
—Guest Wolf girl

Yes, I can't help it.

I was so glad to read all the responses. I agree, as soon as we gear up, I have to go, but hold it until we jump in the ocean. Then when we are all ready to go down, that is when I end up going. Just the thrill of being in the ocean and being able to dive, makes me go. After reading the responses, it seems natural not to go in the ocean.
—Guest LeAnn


Of course i do. I can't seem to hold it in and overtime enjoy pee-ing underwater.
—Guest Chloe

Of course

This makes me love rental suits.....The dive community shares everything.
—Guest Christian


Wow am I relieved to read this. My instructor told us not to pee in our wetsuits and he has like 4000 dives. Then I noticed he dives in swim trunks with a hooded top. Now I get it! In any case my problem was probably made worse by trying to wear an equally sized farmer john over a full wetsuit, thus constricting everything even more and probably shunting more blood to my core. Won't do that again. Will pee!
—Guest Pedro


Fascinating - I thought it was just me! I wear a drysuit and always feel a need to pee as soon as the zip is done up. This is not improved by carting heavy kit about. I always need to go urgently after a dive, but you have to learn to hang on until you get ashore if you're female - drysuit pee-valves aren't much use to us... But so far I've never neeeded to pee while actually under water, even in a wetsuit. (And no, I'm not lying about it! Maybe it's because I've always dived in a drysuit, which is *not* a good thing to pee in, or maybe it's because I wouldn't dream of peeing in my own clothes, so why would I let myself do it in a wet- or drysuit?.)
—Guest Greyhound

Why or Why Not?

Do You Pee in Your Wetsuit?

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