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Get Started Scuba Diving

A step-by-step guide getting started scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Spotlight10

Peacock Flounders

Friday April 18, 2014

A pair of rounded eyes poked out of the sand. One eye pointed directly at my dive group while the other focused in the opposite direction. I couldn't believe my luck! My dive group was making its way between two coral heads, and I had just spotted a peacock flounder buried beneath the sand. I called my dive group to a halt, and then slowly finned my way closer to the flounder so as not to frighten it away. Read more.

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Buoyancy and Freediving

Wednesday April 16, 2014

By About.com guest author Julien Borde. Freedivers have no control over buoyancy. According to Boyle's Law, the deeper you dive, the more negatively buoyant you will become. This means that because he does not have a BCD, at some point the freediver begin will sink. Even though a freediver cannot control his buoyancy, with a little training can use the buoyancy shift to his advantage. Read more.

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Coral Reef Restoration

Monday March 24, 2014

Ten years ago, this was a healthy coral reef. Thankfully, you can help to restore this once thriving ecosystem.

By About.com Guest Author, Stefanie Conrad. Convincing others to be concerned about the health of our coral reefs is challenging. As recreational divers in the tropics, where most coral reefs are found, we pay dive shop operators to take us to the best spots for indulging in the strange and rich diversity of life underwater. It's a paradise that we've escaped to, where we can relax and enjoy peace and quiet surrounded by beautiful vistas. Read more.

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Tips: 4 Steps to Becoming a Thinking Diver

Saturday March 22, 2014

It takes time and experience to become comfortable enough in the underwater world to perform complex tasks, or even to think clearly and logically. For divers who are ready to take their diving to the next level, I can offer some simple advice to improve mental control and clarity of thought underwater. Read more.

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