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Islas Coronado - Scuba Diving With Sea Lions in Islas Coronado

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By conradb212

Islas Coronado - Scuba Diving With Sea Lions in Islas Coronado

Playing with young sea lions off Islas Coronado.

Islas Coronado - Scuba Diving With Sea Lions in Islas Coronado

Sea lions are curious about scuba divers.

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Dive Site or Dive Area (eg:: 

Islas Coronado -- "Lobster Shack"

Date of Your Dive: 

October 7, 2010

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Is There A Required Certification Level? 

Open Water


15-30 feet


80 degrees air temperature, 66 degrees surface temperature and at the bottom. Wore a 7-mil suit without hood; worked fine.


Boat dive (departure San Diego, 1.5 hour ride), water almost flat, sunny.

Who Should You Contact to Dive This Site? 

We used Waterhorse Charter in San Diego

When Should You Dive This Site? 

We had great weather and conditions in October.

My Review 

The Islas Coronado are a group of four small islands off the coast and a bit to the south of San Diego. They are part of Mexico, but you don't need a passport. The islands are uninhabited and about an hour and a half boat ride from San Diego.

What made this dive special were not lobsters (there weren't any), but dozens of young sea lions who played with us. We observed them from 15 to 25 feet of water. More and more showed up, darting around, playing, nipping at each other, swimming up to us and around us. It was a mesmerizing hour of just watching the sea lions do their thing. There's no guarantee they'll show up, but when they do it can be an absolutely unforgettable dive.

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