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Types of Diving

There are all sorts of scuba diving specialties for all sorts of people. This is the place to read about all of the different types of specialty course you can take and all the exciting dive opportunities on offer.
  1. Cave and Cavern Diving (2)
  2. Deep Diving (1)
  3. Enriched Air Nitrox (10)
  4. Night Diving (2)
  5. Photography & Videography (6)
  6. Snorkeling & Free Diving (15)
  7. Technical Diving (3)
  8. Wreck Diving (2)

Boat Etiquette for Scuba Divers
How can you be on your best behavior during your scuba diving trip. Here are guidelines and tips on proper boat etiquette to be sure that you avoid alienating everyone on board.

6 Tips for Transitioning to Cold Water Diving
Cold water diving is as comfortable and enjoyable as warm water diving when the correct equipment and procedures are used. Here are 6 tips to help scuba divers transition to cold water diving.

Advice for Scuba Divers Transitioning to Cold Water Diving
Read and share advice about transitioning to cold water diving.

Alain Pocobelli
Profile of Alain Pocobelli, owner of Cave Diving Training in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Alain Pocobelli is About.com Scuba's guest author to cave diving. He is an accomplished cave diver, side mount diver, and cave instructor.

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