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The Pre-Dive Safety Check for Scuba Diving


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The Pre-Dive Check Makes Scuba Diving Safer
Scuba Divers Are Ready to Dive

These scuba divers are confident in their gear after completing a pre-dive safety check.

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Do you consider flying dangerous? Most people will agree that while there are certain risks associated with flying, traveling by plane is fairly safe. One of the reasons that air travel has a fantastic safety record is that pilots complete a long checklist to make sure that a plane is working properly before it ever leaves the ground. Scuba divers have a similar checklist, the pre-dive safety check (or buddy check), to review their scuba gear before hopping into the water. Thankfully, scuba equipment is much less complicated than an airplane, and once a diver becomes comfortable using the pre-dive safety check, reviewing scuba gear before a dive takes only a matter of seconds.

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