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Five Point Descent


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What Is the Five Point Descent?
The five steps of a proper scuba diving descent.

Scuba diving instructor Natalie Novak of divewithnatalieandivan.com demonstrates the five steps of a proper descent: 1 - signal, 2 - orientation, 3 - regulator, 4 - time, 5 - descend.

Natalie L Gibb

Floating on the surface before a dive is exciting! Whether the water is clear enough to see angelfish forty feet below or so murky that the bottom isn't visible, most divers can't wait to descend and start diving. Filled with happy anticipation, it is tempting for a diver to skip pre-dive checks and safety protocols in a rush to get underwater. However, if you have ever accidentally descended with a snorkel in your mouth, you know that taking the time to follow safety procedures is well worth a few extra moments on the surface. A proper five point descent takes only seconds and ensures that a diver is properly prepared before going underwater.

The steps of the five point descent are:

1. Signal
2. Orientation
3. Regulator
4. Time
5. Descend
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