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Rock Beauty Angelfish

Dive With Angelfish Around the World


Rock Beauty Angelfish Photo

The Rock Beauty Angelfish, Holacanthus tricolor will aggressively defend its home turf from other angelfish of its species.

Photo copyright istockphoto.com, DJMattaar
The Rock Beauty Angelfish, Holacanthus tricolor, is a charming, small angelfish with distinctive colorations. A yellow face, fore-body, and fins and a black mid to rear body make this angelfish easy to identify as it hovers over Caribbean reefs. Divers may be entertained by watching the Rock Beauty Angelfish aggressively defend its home turf from others of its species. Still these little fish may become timid when closely approached by curious divers. A male Rock Beauty Angelfish's face darkens to a navy blue color when courting – a sure sign to divers that there is an attractive female Rock Beauty around.
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