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Diving With Seahorses and Pipefish

Photographs and Facts on Seahorses and Pipefish


Ask a scuba diver which he would rather see, a seahorse or a shark? The answer may surprise you. Seahorses and pipefish appeal to divers because of their unusual shape and the fact that they are thought to mate for life. Many divers have never seen a seahorse, not because seahorses are extremely rare, but simply because they are very difficult to find. Seahorses and pipefish are masters of camouflage. Still, the photographers featured in this image gallery have not only managed to locate these sneaky creatures, they have captured stunning shots of seahorses and pipefish in their natural environment. Click through this photo gallery to learn more about seahorses and pipefish around the world.
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photo of a black seahorse and orange sponge taken while scuba divingVoracious AppetitesPhoto of a Green Seahorse in Seagrass taken while Scuba Diving - Seahorse Scuba Diving PhotosSeahorse HabitatsPhoto of a Seahorse's Boney Plates and Spines - Seahorse Scuba Diving PhotosSeahorse PhysiologyPhoto of a Yellow Seahorse or Hippocampus taeniopterus - Scuba Diving Seahorse PhotosSeahorse Reproduction
Photo of a Thorny Seahorse, Hippocampus histrix, camouflages - Scuba Diving Seahorse PhotosSeahorse CamouflagePhoto of a Seahorse anchored to coral - Seahorse Scuba Diving PhotosSeahorses Anchoring BehaviorPhoto of a pygmy seahorse, Hippocampus barginanti - Scuba Diving Seahorse PhotosPygmy SeahorsePhoto of an Orange-spotted Pipefish - Seahorse and Pipefish Scuba Diving PhotosOrange-Spotted Pipefish
Photo of two leafy sea dragons, Phycodurus eques - Scuba Diving Seahorse PhotosLeafy Sea DragonsOrnate Ghost Pipefish Photos - Seahorse and Pipefish Scuba Diving PhotosOrnate Ghost PipefishThing Ghost Pipefish Photos - Scuba Diving Seahorse and Pipefish PhotosThin Ghost PipefishPhoto of dried sea horses for sale - Seahorse Scuba Diving Image GalleryChallenges and Threats
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