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Grand Cenote

Cenote Diving Photos


Grand Cenote Photos

The formations in this photo of Grand Cenote have been likened to melted candle wax.

Daniel Gut, danielgut.com

Grand Cenote is part of a cave system named Sac Aktun, which means “white cave” in the Maya language. The purer limestone is, the whiter it appears, and the limestone walls and formations in Grand Cenote are very pure.

Divers touring the cavern of Grand Cenote have compared the formations to ornate frosting on a wedding cake and to melted candle wax. The cavern dive in Grande Cenote stays close to the open water, and the combination of proximity to the light and snowy white rock makes Grand Cenote one of the brightest, and most approachable dives for new cavern divers. Veteran cavern divers will also be delighted with Grand Cenote. Swimming through the intricate dripstone formations, which range from thick columns to delicate stalactites, is like swimming under the branches and around the tree trunks of limestone forest.

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