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Wreck Diving the HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Wales - South China Sea

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By glenn.rajoo

Wreck Diving the HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Wales - South China Sea

HMS Repulse,credits to :http://www.clife.co.uk>

Wreck Diving the HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Wales - South China Sea

HMS Prince Of Wales credit:http://www.maritimequest.com

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Wrecks of the HMS Repulse & HMS Prince Of Wales

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International Waters - South China Sea



Is There A Required Certification Level? 

Advanced Open Water, but technical or decompression diving certifications are preferred


HMS Repulse: approximately 50-58 meters. HMS Prince of Wales: approximately 65-69 meters.


Temperature on the surface was a balmy 38 degrees centigrade, as usual in a tropical setting. However, the lowest temperature I encountered on the dive was 17 degrees centigrade at 55 meters.


Visibility usually ranges between from 5 meters to 10 meters. However, I have encountered of a maximum of 20 meters on good days.

Who Should You Contact to Dive This Site? 

Glenn Rajoo, glenn.rajoo@gmail.com

When Should You Dive This Site? 

April to September.

My Review 

The HMS Repulse is one of the largest and most exciting World War Two shipwrecks in the South China Sea. It is 242 meters in length, and weighs 36000 gross tons. The HMS Repulse has three sets of 15" main guns and is fully penetrable. She was sunk (together with Battleship HMS Prince of Wales) by Japanese torpedo bombers 10th December 1941. The ship now rests 50 nautical miles north of Tioman Island in 55 meters of water. The hull of the HMS Repulse is accessible at 32 meters. Main attractions are the main 15" guns, 4" anti-aircraft guns, the conning tower, the aircraft hangar, torpedo damage, the entire bow lifted off the seabed, and the four massive propellers (5 meters in diameter). Marine life found on the shipwreck includes massive schools of barracuda, cobia, snappers, batfish, jacks, marble rays, and Blacktip and Hammerhead sharks. Divers occasionally see whale sharks, manta rays, marlins and dolphins. While I would strongly recommend decompression diving, experienced open water divers will be able to explore some of the shallower parts of the wreck. A surface marker buoy (SMB) should be carried by all divers to signal the dive boat on ascent.

The HMS Prince of Wales is 227 meters long and accompanied the HMS Repulse on voyages. She now lies 8 nautical miles from the HMS Repulse at a depth of 69 meters. The HMS Prince of Wales is seldom visited by divers due to the depth. Trimix is strongly recommended for this dive site. The HMS Prince of Wales is a breathtaking and awe inspiring dive. Divers have a good chance to observe and abundance of deep marine life.

Please contact me should you wish to dive this wreck and I will be happy to arrange a dive, or dive with you myself. Hope you enjoy these shipwrecks as much as I did.

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