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Wreck Diving in Italy - The UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese (KT)

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By Anders Knudsen

Wreck Diving in Italy - The UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese (KT)

A diver hovers near the wreck of the UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese in the Mediterranean Sea. Diver: Anders Knudsen. Photo: Achim Schlöffel.

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Wreck of the UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese (KT) in Italy/ Mediterranean Sea

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: Intermediate (if you are a deep wreck diver)

Is There A Required Certification Level? 

: Normoxic Trimix


: 157 - 190 feet/ 48-58 meters


: The wreck of the UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese is in the Northern part of Italy, so the water temperature varies a lot. The temperature is usually around 14 degrees Celsius (57 Fahrenheit) at depth and we had 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) during deco in the summer. In March, the water temperature was approaching 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit).


: The visibility at the UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese changes from day to day; there is often a silt cloud at depth.

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www.abyssdiving.it or www.portofinodivers.com

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My Review 

The wreck of the UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese (commonly referred to as the KT) is one of the most famous deep shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. The shipwreck is known for its beauty and the integrity of the hull, as well as for its interesting history.

The KT was originally built as a French luxury yacht, The Eros, in 1926 for famous banker Baron Henri de Rothschild. The ship was not used as a luxury yacht for long.

Between 1939 and 1942 The Eros was used by the French navy for several missions in the Mediterranean sea. On the November 27, 1942 it was confiscated by the Germans and converted into a real war machine. They renamed her UJ2216 and used her as a submarine hunter.

UJ2216 was sunk on September 13, 1944, while escorting two mine layers that had completed their task in the vicinity of La Spezia. The convoy was caught by a reconnaissance plane, which alarmed four British patrol boats. They launched their torpedoes and managed to hit the stern of the UJ2216.

The fatal hit was caused by exploding ammunition and grenades that were stored in the stern of UJ2216. The UJ2216 sank to the muddy bottom at 58 meters (190 feet).

Tthe shipwreck is beautiful, but it can be hazardous. Penetrating this wreck should be done only with maximum caution. While most parts of the wreck are not completely dark, there are many nets and interior hazards in the wreck which may entangle or trap divers.

A nice feature of this wreck is the huge twin-linked anti-aircraft machine gun.

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Natalie Gibb, About.com Scuba Diving, says:

I love shipwrecks! The wreck of the UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese sounds fascinating. Thanks for the nice review. To review your own dive site, use the simple Dive Site Review Form.

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