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Mammoth Lake Scuba Park - Scuba Diving in Texas

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By One of the MIke's

Mammoth Lake Scuba Park - Scuba Diving in Texas

Mammoth Lake Scuba park logo

Mammoth Lake Scuba Park - Scuba Diving in Texas

Sinking of the C-130

Dive Site or Area

Dive Site or Dive Area (eg:: 

Mammoth Lake Scuba Park

Date of Your Dive: 

4/1/08 to current

Country/ Continent: 

Texas, United States



Is There A Required Certification Level? 

OW card or Solo cert if you want to dive alone


61' with majority being 20'-35'


Summer upper 80s and can get up into the 90s during late summer

Mid-50s during the coldest part of the Winter.


Shore diving from 13 floating docks,

visibility is normally 10'-15'

Who Should You Contact to Dive This Site? 

Mike and Michelle at Hydrosports scuba



When Should You Dive This Site? 

late spring to early summer for best vis.

summer to relax and cool off

My Review 

Mammoth Lake Scuba Park is a 55 acre lake that has been set-up for diver by divers. There are 32 palvilions for divers to relax between dives in the shade during there surface intervals. This site includes more than 80 wrecks with boats from small jon boats to a 60' Rum Runner sail boat. There are fire trucks, 18 wheelers, buses, metal sculptures and the biggest attraction is a C-130 cargo plane. Aquatic life includes perch, bass, catfish, paddlefish, turles, and many other small fish.

They have a full service dive shop on site with sells, rentals, air fills, repair center, guided dives, and training. There is an area for primative. Divers are welcome to bring grill to cook out or dine and the cafe on site.

The future plans include a bathing. As well as many more attractions.

Be sure you check out their FaceBook page.


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