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Reader Reviews : Dive Site Reviews

User Rating 4.5 Star Rating (20 Reviews)


Having a hard time choosing a dive site? The world is your oyster! Here is your chance to read dive site reviews by scuba divers who have dived the sites that you are considering visiting.

Read a featured review of diving the Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel.

Pulau Aur, Malaysia

I had been working in Singapore for 2 months and not been in the water so I figured it was about time to get in the water because my gills were drying out.A guy I had been working with suggested tha…More

Review of Scott's Playground, Xcalak, Mexico

Scott’s Playground, also known as Las Cuevitas, is one of Xcalak’s most impressive dive sites. Set against the edge of a gentle drop-off along the Xcalak reef wall, thisformation is clear…More

Wreck of the Forest City, Tobermory, Canada

I have dove this wreck many times the visibility is always above 40 feet it tends to be better earlier in the season. The boat atttaches to a mooring block that goes down to 70' with a tag line atta…More

Niagara II Shipwreck, Tobermory Canada

: This steel ship was sunk in 1999. It was meticulously cleaned and made ready for divers with attention to providing a safe environment for all levels of diving. First of all, the boat ride to the s…More

Diving in Xcalak, Mexico - Review of Hob Na Dive Site

Hob Na is a dive site 12 km north of Xcalak reminiscent of an underwater Grand Canyon. The reefs run easterly from the shore in finger style formations which extend in narrow canyons down to a depth…More

Xcalak, Mexico With XTC Dive Center

Xcalak is a sleepy little town a 4 hour drive from Playa del Carmen and a 5 hour drive from Cancun. It is very quaint and the diving is phenomenal. We dove with XTC Dive Center. Javier and all of hi…More

Lake Baikal - The Deepest Lake in the World

: Combine this with a stop (at Irkutsk) on the Trans Siberian Railway. Adventure diving with amazing visibility and fish found nowhere else in the world. Drink (at depth) the best tasting water (from…More

Wreck Diving in Italy - The UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese (KT)

The wreck of the UJ2216 ex L'Incomprese (commonly referred to as the KT) is one of the most famous deep shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. The shipwreck is known for its beauty and the integrity of th…More

Night Diving in Roatan, Honduras

I had never dived at night - in fact, I always swore I would never get in that "black, inky water" at night - ever! Finally, so many people told me that I was missing the best diving ever and my div…More

Roca Partida, Islas Revillagigedos (Socorro Islands)

Roca Partida is composed of two small, isolated rock peaks rising approximately 90 feet above the Pacific. It is part of the Islas Revillagigedos, better known as the Socorro islands. The islands ar…More

Cozumel, Mexico - Diving With Chucho Divers

Our family has been diving with Jesus (Chucho) for 15 years, wherever works is where you will find us. Now that he has his own dive operation, we will be found there. We have tried a bunch of differ…More

Cozumel Diving With Chucho Divers

Our whole dive experience was awesome because of Chucho Divers. Chucho, who also guides, runs the operation and only takes out small, private groups. He picked up us at the resort dock and provided w…More

Santa Rosa Wall - Dive Site Review of Santa Rosa Wall in Cozumel

This is by far my favorite dive. Absolutely the best. Lots of color, lots of fish, lots of detail, archways, swim throughs. This is what you see in dive magazines!Cristina's boat is very relaxing and…More

Taj Mahal Cenote - Scuba Diving in Mexico

Cenote Taj Maha is one of my favorite dives. After a short walk down cement stairs to the water's edge we preform predive checks and then descend to find a large, formation-filled chamber known as Po…More

Scuba in an Aquarium - Diving Underwater World Singapore

I decided to dive in Underwater World Singapore after hearing rave reviews from my mates. We had dived with Sharks in the aquarium previously (which was awesome) and decided to check out the dive wit…More

Wreck Diving the HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Wales - South China Sea

The HMS Repulse is one of the largest and most exciting World War Two shipwrecks in the South China Sea. It is 242 meters in length, and weighs 36000 gross tons. The HMS Repulse has three sets of 15"…More

Islas Coronado - Scuba Diving With Sea Lions in Islas Coronado

The Islas Coronado are a group of four small islands off the coast and a bit to the south of San Diego. They are part of Mexico, but you don't need a passport. The islands are uninhabited and about a…More

Scuba Diving the Wreck the Yukon - Wreck Diving in San Diego

This dive is to the wreck of a 366-foot Canadian destroyer, sunk in 2000 as an artificial reef. The boat lays on its side, making orientation a bit more difficult. The water is usually cold (below 50…More

Diving in Singapore - Pulau Hantu Dive Site

Diving in Singapore holds fonds memory for me. My first diving experience was at Pulau Hantu dive site with my friend and first-ever dive buddy. Pulau Hantu dive site is a 30-minute boat ride from th…More

Mammoth Lake Scuba Park - Scuba Diving in Texas

Mammoth Lake Scuba Park is a 55 acre lake that has been set-up for diver by divers. There are 32 palvilions for divers to relax between dives in the shade during there surface intervals. This site in…More

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