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OmerSub "Alien" Diving Mask

Reader Reviews: Scuba Diving Equipment Review Form

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By TecGirl330

OmerSub "Alien" Diving Mask

OmerSub Alien Mask in Black

OmerSub "Alien" Diving Mask

OmerSub Alien Mask in Green Camo

Name of Product:: 

OmerSub "Alien" Scuba Mask

My Review 

I love my Omer SubMask. The model I have is called the "Alien." The silicon skirt is the softest I have ever felt, and it molds to my face perfectly. I don't even have to tighten the straps very much to keep it on my face because the silicon is so soft.

Other things I like about my Omer Sub Mask are that it is low profile, like most free-diving masks. It doesn't pull on my face uncomfortably due to the air inside it. I can clear it with one breathe.

I have a small face and it fits me very well, but I have also loaned it to other people with bigger faces and it fits them too.

The only problem is that sometimes it is hard to focus my eyes on close by objects because there are two windows and it splits my vision a little bit. But I think this it the case with most masks that have 2 windows. Maybe I will try to find a similar Omer Sub mask, but with only one window.

Available Sizes and Colors: 

The masks are designed for spearfishing, free diving, and scuba diving. They come in colors to help camouflage spearfishers: Black, Green Camo, Blue Camo, and Brown Camo. There is only one size.


Almost nothing.

Where can you purchase this gear? 

Online. I found mine on leisure pro.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): 

$59 - $79 USD. Best deal around for a high-quality mask.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Natalie Gibb, About.com Scuba Diving, says:

Thanks for the review. I also love OmerSub masks - I have the same one!

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