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Dive Destinations and Aquatic Life From Around the Globe


Where will diving take you next? Whether you are actively searching for a diving destination or simply want to daydream about your next scuba trip, these dive site reviews and photos will familiarize you with diving sites and aquatic life around the world.
  1. Dive Travel Destinations
  2. Dive Site Reviews By About.Com Readers
  3. Aquatic Life - Facts, Photos, and What to Avoid
  4. True Tales of Diving Life By a Scuba Instructor
  5. Conservation for Scuba Divers

Dive Travel Destinations

This section features profiles and photo galleries of dive travel destinations around the world. Learn about different diving vacation hotspots and decide where you want to travel next. I am always looking for new travel destinations to write up. If you are interested in having a dive destination featured on About.com, shoot me an email at scuba@aboutguide.com.

Dive Site Reviews By About.Com Readers

A scuba diver hovers near a giant anchor in a dive travel destination

Dive site reviews allow About.com readers share and rate their diving experiences. Click through these reviews to find ideas for you next dive trip. Even better, submit your own dive site review using the simple Dive Site Review Form below.

Aquatic Life - Facts, Photos, and What to Avoid

A paperfish hides in a Mozambique coral reef, a dive travel destination

What sort of aquatic life can divers expect to see underwater? Are any of these animals dangerous to divers? An incredible variety of aquatic creatures are found around the world. Here is your chance to learn more about them.

True Tales of Diving Life By a Scuba Instructor

Woman swimming with a green sea turtle

Read true stories of diving life written by a scuba diving instructor. Sometimes funny,and sometimes inspiring, these entertaining tales of scuba diving are worth a read.

Conservation for Scuba Divers

a scuba diver poses near a sea turtle

Learn about conservation and ecology for scuba divers. Browse through these articles and quick tips discover how to protect the underwater world you love!

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