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Where to Dive - Diving All Around the World

Everything you need to know about where to dive all around the world. All about local diving, dive destinations, dive resorts, dive vacations, dive sites, and dive operators.
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Dive Site Reviews
Write a review of your favorite (or least favorite) dive site.See submissions

Inland Scuba Diving
Where can you dive if you don't live by the ocean? Inland scuba divers can train and recreationally dive in lakes, quarries, rivers, flooded mines, and even caves. No ocean, no problem!

Favorite Dive Destinations 2008
Over 8 geographical rounds and a final the readers of About.com have voted for their favorite dive destination. Here are the finalists, from 8th place to the winner!

Top 10 Scuba Diving Trips to Love
Scuba diving spots to Love for couples to enjoy together on a vacation.

Top Shore Diving Locations
A review of the best shore diving locations around the world featuring Bonaire, Australia's Lady Elliot Island, the Cayman Islands, and Curacao.

Dive Destinations and Aquatic Life From Around the Globe
Do you need an idea of where to dive? Here are dive sites reviews, photos, and listings of diving destinations around the world, as well as profiles of aquatic life you will find in different parts of the world.

3 Types of Scuba Diving Vacations

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