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True Tales of Diving Life Written by a Scuba Instructor

Read true stories of diving life written by a scuba diving instructor. Sometimes funny,and sometimes inspiring, these entertaining tales of scuba diving are worth a read.

Some Hot Wristed Diver Action
I have engaged in some pretty hilarious behavior as a scuba diver. One of the funniest things I have done involved purchasing personal lubricant to aid in donning my drysuit.

A Universal Language
Scuba diving allows divers who speak different languages to bond over shared experiences and communicate in original ways.

Sign Language
Scuba diving with a hearing impaired student. While a hearing impairment could be considered a disadvantage on the surface, underwater, hearing impaired diving students can often communicate more efficiently and maintain better buddy contact than student who are used to communicate using sound.

True Tales of the Free Pool Demo
When I worked at a large Caribbean resort, part of my job was to give a free pool demo everyday for guests who wanted to try diving for the first time. Read stories of my experiences giving the free pool demo.

My First Dive - Scuba Diving Stories
Read a short essay about my first scuba dive, and find links to more scuba diving stories by a professional scuba instructor.

Scuba diving lets me get away with otherwise socially unacceptable behavior -- such as spitting front of clients and uttering the word "crotch" at the top of my lungs. What naughty things do you do when diving?

What Makes a Dive Great?
What makes a scuba diver great? When perfect visibility, good company, and sea life combine, scuba magic happens!

The Pranksters
True stories of scuba diving pranks that we used to play on our fellow diving instructors when working at a big dive resort in Mexico. Here are some funny scuba diving short stories of naughty scuba diving instructors.

The Boxfish Grabbers
Read a true story about one of my most difficult (but funny) experiences as a scuba diving instructor.

Scuba Diving Is an Escape From the Everyday World
Scuba diving helps us to escape the everyday world. Diving is meditative and exciting all at once. This short story explores the many reasons that people love to dive.

Forget Roses -- Stop to Smell the Seaweed!
Goal oriented diving can decrease a diver's appreciation of the underwater environment. Sometimes it's nice to simply slow down and take a good long look around you . . .

Diving Is an Escape - Why Do You Scuba Dive?
Do you scuba dive for escape or for some other reason. Share your reason for diving with readers around the world.

What Behavior Do You Get Away With When Scuba Diving That Would Be...
Answer the question: What behavior do you get away with when scuba diving that would be socially unacceptable in any other context. Leave your answer's and read other's responses.

The Beauty of the Dive
Six reasons that I love scuba diving. Why do you love diving?

Scuba diving is like flying underwater.

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