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Regulator Recovery Can Save Your Life


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Purpose and Starting Postion for Regulator Recovery
Regulator Recovery Can Save Your Life

Starting position for the regulator recovery scuba certification skill.

Henry Watkins, Fisheye Photography

A green turtle eases past your mask with a slight movement of its fins -- such a smooth green shell, such gentle eyes . . . . You can't breathe! Where is your regulator? Although it is uncommon to lose your regulator unexpectedly while diving, it does happen. Another diver might kick it accidentally, or you might see something jaw-droppingly amazing and forget to bite down. Either way, your regulator is lost, and now you have to recover it, hence the regulator recovery skill. Practiced in the pool and then in the open ocean, mastery of this basic scuba certification skill can save your life.

The regulator recovery skill works equally well in any position: kneeling, swimming horizontally, or vertically. For the first time, however, it is easiest to begin your regulator recovery in a kneeling position, with you knees far apart enough to be stable. As you become more comfortable with the skill, try it in different positions or while swimming.

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