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How to Frog Kick


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Why the Frog Kick Is Better Than the Flutter Kick
photo of a diver mid-frog kick

The frog kick is an efficient and effective kick.

© 2012 Anders Knudsen

My first dive was in a murky lagoon in Key Largo, Florida. I bumbled along with a herd of excited new divers, stirring up the soft, oozing muck at the bottom of the lagoon. Diving was fantastic, but I didn't see much. For most of the dive, I was enveloped the brown cloud of bottom sediment that the divers had stirred up. Our finning technique, the flutter kick, was quickly reducing the visibility in the lagoon.

The flutter kick is an inefficient kick. It propels water above and below the diver, which does not contribute to forward motion and wastes energy. The downwards propulsion of water also disturbs sand and other bottom sediment, leading to a reduction in visibility. The frog kick is a much more effective kick, and is easy to learn with proper instruction. Click through this tutorial to learn the basics of the frog kick.

Why Frog Kick?

There are many benefits to frog kicking. Some include:

• More forward thrust with less effort because the kick propels water only directly behind the diver -- not above or behind him.

• More balanced and more comfortable swimming because the frog kick does not rock the diver from side to side.

• When performed correctly, the frog kick places less stress on a diver's legs, knees and ankles than other kicks.

• Water is not propelled downwards, and bottom sediment is not stirred up. This is great for all dives, and essential at dive sites with silty floors such as wreck and cavern dive sites.

One Draw Back of the Frog Kick:

• The frog kick is not as effective with split fins as it is with blade fins or turtle fins.

Learn to frog kick step-by-step.

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