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Scuba Diving Skills

Step by Step guides to scuba diving skills. Learn how to perform skills with these step by step guides featuring photos and videos.

Overcome Your Fear of Water in Your Scuba Mask
Are you afraid of getting water in your mask when scuba diving? You are not alone! Here are tips that I use to help my scuba diving students overcome the common fear having water in the mask while diving.

How to Frog Kick

Trim Part I: What Is Proper Trim and Why Will It Improve Your Diving?
Trim refers to a scuba diver's body position. Proper trim is a completely horizontal position, with arms extended and fins elevated. Learn about the value of proper trim, why it is important to both recreational and technical scuba divers.

The Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA)
In an out-of-air emergency, a scuba diver can preform a controlled emergency swimming ascent to safely reach the surface on his own. See pictures and read an explanation of this open water scuba certification skill.

Passive Communication and Scuba Diving
Not all underwater communication involves hand signals. In fact, a good scuba diving team can communicate with almost no hand signals at all. Adept divers use passive communication to stay in contact with each other throughout a dive.

6 Steps to a Controlled Descent - Make Descents Enjoyable, Not Stressful
Many divers (even certified divers) have trouble controlling the descent and find it the most stressful part of the dive. Learn techniques and hints to have a more enjoyable descent.

The Pre-Dive Safety Check for Scuba Diving
The scuba diving pre-dive safety (or "buddy") check consists of five steps - the buoyancy compensator, weights, releases, air, and a final okay. Learn the steps and reasons for preforming the pre-dive equipment check as taught in the open water certification course.

Five Point Descent
The five point descent for scuba diving is: signal, orientation, regulator, time and descend. Here is an illustrated guide to the steps of the five point descent for scuba diving.

How to Clear a Scuba Mask of Water
How does a scuba diver clear water out of his mask during a dive? See a step-by-step guide to clearing water from a scuba mask.

Regulator Recovery Can Save Your Life
Learn to do the regulator recovery skill taught in most scuba diving courses. This explanation of the regulator recovery skill includes photos and a detailed explanation.

Fin Pivot: Learn to Achieve Neutral Buoyancy Using the Fin Pivot
The fin pivot is a simple technique to achieve neutral buoyancy. Learn to use your lungs and BCD to get neutrally buoyant using this step-by-step guide.

Troubleshoot Your Fin Pivot: Common Problems and Solutions Wi…
The fin pivot can be a difficult skill to perfect. Some common problems with the fin pivot are easy to fix.

Open Water Skill: Ascending
How to perform the open water skill - Ascending.

Open Water Skill: Controlled Seated Entry
How to perform the open water skill 'Controlled Seated Entry'

How to Use Natural Navigation When Scuba Diving
Do you ever get lost diving? Here are tips on how to use natural navigation underwater to maintain a sense of direction and orientation while scuba diving.

Open Water Skill: Disconnect Low Pressure Inflator
How to perform the Open Water skill 'Disconnect Low Pressure Inflator'

Open Water Skill: Fin Pivot
How to perform the open water skill - Fin Pivot with Power Inflator and with Oral Inflation.

Open Water Skill: Free Flowing Regulator
How to perform the Open Water skill 'Free Flowing Regulator'

Open Water Skill: Giant Stride Entry
How to perform the open water skill - Giant Stride Entry.

Open Water Skill: Mask Removal and Replacement
How to perform the Open Water skill 'Mask Removal and Replacement'

Open Water Skill: Proper Weighting
How to perform the Open Water skill 'Proper Weighting'

Open Water Skill: Regulator Clearing
How to perform the open water skill - Regulator Clearing - also known as Regulator Removal and Replacement.

10 Hints For Perfect Buoyancy Control
Hints and tips to improve your buoyancy control. Good buoyancy control is one of the most difficult skills to master in scuba diving, but also one of the most important. Here is a list of ways to improve your buoyancy.

No Hands!
What is one of the worst things a diver can do when attempting to establish neutral buoyancy? Swim with his hands! And here is why . . .

Scuba Diving Skills and Techniques
What are some of the basic scuba diving skills and techniques? This review lists some of the typical skills and techniques learned in open water scuba diving certification courses and scuba classes.

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