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Sharks Facts for Scuba Divers

Shark Facts, Pictures, and Information About Sharks for Scuba Divers


Sharks are perhaps the most misunderstood of all marine creatures. Contrary to their portrayal in the media, sharks are not vicious man-eaters. Instead, they are fascinating fish that are essential to healthy marine ecosystems. This page has links to various articles on shark facts, common species of sharks, and shark conservation.

Shark Facts for Scuba Divers

photo of a mako shark
© Mark Conlin 2012
Are sharks fish? What sort of senses do sharks have that humans lack? Learn about basic shark facts and trivia for scuba divers and all those interested in information about one of the most interesting and misunderstood creatures in the sea.

Are Sharks Dangerous to Scuba Divers?

© Paul Spielvogel 2012
Scuba diving with sharks is not dangerous! Learn about the number of shark attacks (and fatal shark attacks) on humans each year, and read statistics about everyday activities that are much more dangerous to humans than sharks are. This article also lists tips to avoid a shark attack while scuba diving.

Shark Feeding -- Is It Ever Okay to Feed Sharks Underwater?

shark feeding underwater
© istockphoto.com
Dr. David Delaney has dedicated his career to the study and conservation of sharks. I was interested to learn what he thinks about the practice baited shark dives. Shark feeding on scuba dives can be done by hand, by tossing fish bits in the water from a boat, or by hiding feeder fish in some sort of receptacle which the sharks approach. Read a shark expert's opinion on baited shark dives.

Why Are Sharks Endangered? (Yes, and It's Bad for The Environment)

photo of a man laying out shark fins to dry in preparation for sale.
Sharks are endangered of becoming extinct. Rather than acting as a major threat to humans, shark survival is greatly threatened by mankind. Sharks are fished in the tens of millions each year, and cannot reproduce quickly enough to sustain their numbers. Here is information about threats to sharks, as well as their essential role in maintaining healthy, balanced ecosystems.

6 Ways That You Can Help to Save Sharks From Extinction

Photo of a scuba diver and a bull shark underwater.
© istockphoto.com
Sharks are in danger of becoming extinct! Research indicated that sharks may disappear from the planet over the next 10-20 years due to negative human activities. However, sharks are not extinct yet! Here are tips for both scuba divers and non-divers who are interested in saving sharks from extinction.

Bull Shark Facts and Pictures

photo of a bull shark swimming underwater
© istockphoto.com
Learn about bull sharks with this article dedicated to bull shark facts. Bull sharks are interesting because they can live in both salt and fresh water (for limited periods of time) and because they prefer murky, coastal waters for hunting. Here is information about bull shark habitat and distribution, reproduction, and conservation.

Basking Shark Facts and Pictures

Photo of a basking shark on the surface.
© Dianna Schulte, Blue Ocean Society
Basking sharks, like Whale Sharks, are filter feeders. They pose no threat to humans or to any other ocean species with the exception of plankton and small crustaceans. Learn more about basking sharks, including their habitat, reproductive habits, and conservation status.

Great White Sharks

great white shark
© istockphoto.com
The great white shark is the shark that most people think of when they imagine a shark. Great whites achieved notoriety as the villain in the movie series "Jaws". Learn more about great white sharks including their habitat, size, and reproductive habits here.

Whale Sharks

Photo of two whale sharks swimming on the surface
© Becky Kagan Schott, 2012
Whale sharks are not your typical shark. While whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean, they are gentle filter feeders. In fact, divers and snorkelers can swim with whale sharks in many places around the world. Learn more about whale sharks and see some amazing whale shark pictures by Becky Kagan Schott, award winning photographer and videographer.

More Shark Species

shark photographer
© istockphoto.com
About.com guide to Marine Life, Jennifer Kennedy, has compiled a comprehensive guide to shark species around the world. Learn more about shark species using her illustrated list, including Mako Sharks, Thresher Sharks, and Tiger Sharks.
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