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Scuba Diving FAQs

Frequently asked questions about scuba diving.

What Is the Most Important Rule in Scuba Diving?
According to PADI, the most important rule of scuba diving is to never hold your breath underwater. Learn 3 reasons for this rule.

Eating and Drinking Underwater While Scuba Diving
Can you eat and drink underwater while scuba diving? Yes, scuba divers can consume food and fluids underwater. Here is information and facts about what to eat and drink underwater, and how to do it.

Do You Need to Know How to Swim to Scuba Dive?
Do you need to be able to swim to scuba dive? Scuba experience programs do not require that students know how to swim, but certification courses do.

What Does SCUBA Stand For?
The term "scuba" is an acronym for Self Contained . . .

Can You Dive on Your Period? Menstruation and Scuba Diving
Can you scuba diving on your period? Here considerations for menstruating scuba divers, including the liklihood of shark attacks, the risk of decompression sickness, and the use of tampons.

What Is the Definition of a Squeeze in Scuba Diving?
What is the definition of a squeeze in scuba diving? A squeeze can be uncomfortable and even painful. Learn about what causes a squeeze in scuba diving and how to prevent one.

Dive Medicine FAQs
Frequently asked questions about dive medicine from DAN - Divers Alert Network.

Avoid Problems Associated With Diving in Poor Visibility and in Very Clear Water
Scuba diving in clear water and in areas with poor visibility requires special considerations. Learn how to use references and other clues while diving so that you do not become disoriented underwater.

PADI's Order of Priority for Low-on-Air/ Out of Air Emergency Procedures
Explanation of the PADI knowledge review question "Arrange the low-on-air/out-of-air emergency procedures in order of priority." Why is the Emergency Swimming Ascent ranked before the Buddy Breathing Ascent?

Frequently asked questions about scuba diving from NAUI.

What Do You Recommend Eating or Drinking Underwater When Scuba Diving?
What do you recommend eating or drinking underwater on long scuba dives? Share you suggestions and read other divers answers here.

Frequently asked questions about scuba diving from PADI.

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