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You Know You're Addicted to Diving When . . .


photo of an ice diver

You know you are addicted to diving when you look at the photo of an ice diver in Antarctica and think "Cool! I've got to try that!"

Photo copyright istockphoto.com, JOETEX1

There are many signs of scuba-obsession! The ability to talk about a dive for a period of time longer than the dive itself lasted. The inability to hold your breath. Ever. Because its just wrong. Personally, I have spent many long nights at bars talking about equipment configuration. Embarrassing? Yes. But true.

I am the first to admit that scuba diving can rapidly become an obsession – I know it did for me. One month I was an arguably normal girl living in New York, going to concerts and fancy restaurants, and the next month I was spending all my time (and money) driving out to the middle of Pennsylvania every weekend to dive in a cold, dark quarry. When you have the thought: “I need to buy a car so I can go diving,” you know you are in trouble. Two years later, I had given up everything and moved to Mexico to teach and guide diving full time.

Some otherwise normal people begin to show signs of scuba-obsession early in their diving careers, while for others this obsession takes awhile to surface (no pun intended). Sooner or later, there is usually a point when a diver realizes his scuba hobby has ceased to be a recreational activity and has become a lifestyle. For me, it was when I looked at my closet and realized that I had taken down most of my clothes and pushed all my fancy dresses to one side to make room for my dry suit, 2 wetsuits, various pairs of dive booties, and other diving paraphernalia. My dive gear had a definite odor. This smell was leaching in to my street clothes, and I have to admit, I kind of liked it.

Signs of diving addiction are different for everyone, but most of us have some story of the ridiculous, and sometimes embarrassing, things we have done for diving. Share you stories of dive obsession by completing the following sentence:

I knew I was addicted to scuba diving when . . .

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