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Reef Fish Identification Guide - 20 Common Species of Florida and the Caribbean


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Sand Diver
photo of a camouflaged lizardfish

Sand Divers can darken or lighten to camouflage with both sand and reef.

istockphoto.com, vilainecrevette

Sand Divers, Synodus intermedius can be exceptionally difficult to spot. I have watched an entire group of divers pass within two feet of a Sand Diver and fail to notice it. Sand divers are a type of lizardfish, and like chameleons, they are masters of disguise. A Sand Diver can pale to almost white, or darken to mimic a colorful reef or sponge.

I have always enjoyed watching Sand Divers change their coloration. If you manage to locate a Sand Diver during a dive, gently fan water towards it. Eventually, it will hop to a new place on the reef and immediately adjust its colors to disappear against it background.

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