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Tiny Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs Enchant Scuba Divers Around the World

Bright Hues and Fantastic Patterns Make Finding Nudibranchs Worth the Effort


In the search for exciting, big creatures, many divers inadvertently swim right past tiny animals. Some divers have never seen the small, colorful, sea slugs and nudibranchs that populate the world’s oceans. At first, these little critters can be hard to find. But once a diver gets a clear mental image of what to search for, spotting nudibranchs and sea slugs becomes a bit easier. Look through this photo gallery as an introduction to these beautiful, overlooked creatures, and keep an eye out for one on your next dive.

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Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs Sport Beautiful Colors and PatternsRed-Gilled Nudibranch Perches on a Kelp LeafYellow and Blue Nudibranch Munches on a BryozoanA Brilliant Blue Nudibranch With Red Gills
A Golden Nudibranch A Lettuce Sea SlugNudibranch Rhinopores Close UpPurple and Orange Nudibranch
Bright Orange NudibranchHarvesting the Sun's EnergyMating NudibranchsGorgeous Blue Nudibranch
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