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Snorkel Styles and Features

It's Not Just a Tube!


A snorkel, in its most basic form, is a plastic tube that allows a person to breathe with his face submerged a few inches below the water. Even though divers carry regulators, snorkels are important pieces of safety gear for scuba divers. If the ocean is rough and it is difficult to get above the waves, a diver can breath from a snorkel on the surface if he has an equipment malfunction or is out of air. Dive gear manufacturers have developed innovations to make snorkels easy to use. But really, how complicated can they be? Glad you asked.
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Photo of Snorkel PartsParts of a SnorkelImage of Open top SnorkelsOpen-Top SnorkelsSemi-dry Snorkel PhotosSemi-Dry SnorkelsDry Snorkel ImagesDry Top Snorkels
Photos of Snorkels Without Purge ValvesSnorkels Without Purge ValvesPhotos of Snorkels With Purge ValvesSnorkels With Purge ValvesPhotos of Rigid SnorkelsRigid SnorkelsFlexible Snorkel PhotosFlexible Snorkels
Snorkel Mouthpiece ImagesMouthpiecesMask AttachmentsPhoto of the Aqualung Nautilus SnorkelNautilus SnorkelPhoto of Oceanic Pocket SnorkelOceanic Pocket Snorkel
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