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Scuba Fins Styles and Features

Find the Right Fins for Your Kind of Diving


They may look funny and make you walk like a penguin, but scuba fins are highly engineered pieces of precision gear. Different fins are designed for different types of diving, so a scuba fin that is appropriate for gentle drift diving in the Caribbean may not work well for cave diving. Years of research have been devoted to developing different fin materials and designs to maximize fin propulsion while minimizing kicking effort. Learn about the different styles and features of scuba diving fins before deciding on a scuba fin purchase.
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Flexible VS Stiff FinsScuba Fins With Closed HeelsScuba Fins With Open HeelsDifferent Fin Strap Attachments
Blade FinsSplit FinsSnorkeling FinsImages reproduced with the permission of Oceanic, Aqualung, and ScubaProTurtle Fins
Freediving FinsColorful FinsInnovative Fins
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