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Scuba Diving Gear

Every diver's life depends upon one thing – his gear. Diving is an equipment dependent sport. Safe diving begins with equipment selection. Each diver must consider whether gear works well for his needs and the conditions he expects to dive. A diver must learn to assemble his gear, check it for fit and function, and use it underwater. Here's what divers should know about scuba diving gear.
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  2. Basic Equipment Glossary (16)
  3. Buoyancy Compensators (5)
  4. Dive Lights/Torches (8)
  5. Equipment Manufacturers (29)
  6. Equipment Reviews (8)
  7. Masks (9)
  8. Recalls (2)
  9. Regulators (15)

The Art of Equipment Configuration - 5 Guidelines for Every Scuba Diver
How should you configure your scuba diving gear for optimal comfort and functionality? Learn 5 basic rules of scuba diving equipment configuration for all divers, regardless of their type of diving or scuba system.

5 Reasons That Danglies Are Bad in Scuba Diving
What are danglies in scuba diving and why should you avoid them? A dangly is any piece of dive gear that hangs below the diver's body.

What Equipment Do You Need to Scuba Dive?
Learn about the basic equipment required for scuba diving, and what dive gear you should buy first.

Make Your Own "Save a Dive" Kit
What should a diver carry in his "Save a Dive" kit? Here is a list of suggestions for divers creating a save a dive kit, including basic tools and spare parts that all divers should have, as well as suggestions for advanced and technical divers.

Open-Heeled vs Full-Footed Fins
What is the differnce between full-footed and open-heeled scuba diving fins, and which is right for you?

What Do You Wear Under Your Wetsuit?
What do you wear under your wetsuit when scuba diving? Here are 10 options, from rash guards to pantyhose.

BARE Velocity Wetsuit Review
Read a review of BARE Wetsuits. Learn about fit, durability and features of the BARE Velocity wetsuit.

Scuba Diving Equipment Review Form
Scuba diving equipment reviews. Read reviews of new scuba diving products or upload your own review of scuba gear to the website. See submissions

7 Tips for Putting on a Wetsuit More Easily
Do you have trouble getting into your tight-fitting wetsuit? Here are seven tricks to putting on a wetsuit more easily.

3 Pieces of Gear Every Diver (and Student Diver) Should Have
Scuba gear is expensive. A full set of scuba gear usually includes items such as a buoyancy compensator , regulator and wetsuit . However, for a few hundred dollars or less, certified and student divers can assemble a basic set of personal gear which will increase their comfort during both training and recreational diving.

What Can You Do With a Decommissioned Scuba Tank?
What can you do with a decommissioned scuba diving tank? Once a tank fails hydro, what can you do with it? Read tips from other divers and share your own.

The Dreaded Snorkelfish
Should snorkels be required scuba diving gear? Read other divers opinions and leave your own here.

How to Clean Dive Slates and Underwater Notebooks
Slates and underwater notebooks are useful writing utensils for scuba diving, but how can you get them clean after use? Don't use soap or pencil erasers! Instead try this tip!

Snorkel Styles and Features
Snorkels are more than just a tube. These days, snorkels come with a variety of features to make them easy to use. Here are photos and information to help find a snorkel that is appropriate for your needs.

Types of Alternate Air Source Regulators
Learn about the three main types of alternate air source regulators for scuba diving: the octopus, the long hose, and the integrated alternate air source. Which alternate air source regulator is right for the type of scuba diving that you do?

Mares Excel Plus Fins
Review of the Mares Excel Plus Fins for Scuba Diving. Overall, these fins are great. The only draw back is the straps and closing system . . .

Scuba Fins Styles and Features
Years of research have been devoted to developing different fin materials and designs to maximize fin propulsion while minimizing kicking effort. Learn about the different styles and features of scuba diving fins before deciding on a scuba fin purchase.

How to Wash Your Gear
One of the most important skills you'll learn as a diver is how to properly wash your equipment. It's very important to wash your equipment thoroughly after every day of diving. Washing your gear ensures that it all performs safely as it was intended to and it will also prolong its life.

What Is the Difference Between Steel and Aluminum Scuba Tanks?
What is the difference between steel and aluminum scuba tanks? Steel and aluminum scuba tanks differ in their weight, capacity, pressure ratings and buoyancy characteristics. Learn how the differences between steel and aluminum tanks effect scuba divers.

How Does a Wetsuit Keep a Scuba Diver Warm Underwater?
A wetsuit helps to keep a scuba diver warm underwater by trapping a thin layer of water inside the wetsuit, which his body heats up. Learn more about how a wetsuit works here.

Should Snorkels be Required Scuba Diving Gear?
Should Snorkels Be Required Scuba Gear? Read other diver's opinions about snorkels or add your own here.

What Is in Your Save a Dive Kit?
What is in your "Save a Dive" kit for scuba diving? Share your tips here!

Suggested Uses for Old or Decommissioned Scuba Diving Tanks
What creative uses can you think of for a decommissioned scuba diving tank? Share you suggestions and read other diver's ideas here.

Share Your Tips - how to Get a Wetsuit on More Easily
What tricks do you know to get into a tight-fitting wetsuit? Share you tricks with scuba divers around the world.

What Is the Best Way to Prevent Water From Entering Your Scuba Cylinder?
Explain the best way to prevent water from entering your scuba cylinder. Learn how to keep water out of a tank, and why it is important to do so.

Radiator Wetsuits for Scuba Diving
Radiator wetsuits produces high-quality, thin wetsuits with excellent thermal protection by using a patented neoprene hybrid. Read a review and buy radiator wetsuits.

Scuba Tips - What Is the Best Thing to Wear Under Your Wetsuit?
What do you wear underneath your wetsuit? Share your suggestions and read the answers of other divers.

Scuba Tip: Preventing Blisters on Your Feet and Ankles When Scuba Diving
Sometimes dive booties and fins can rub raws spots or blisters on a scuba diver's feet and ankles. Here is one tip for preventing blisters when scuba diving.

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