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Photos of Scuba Diving in Xcalak - A Hidden Caribbean Treasure


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Sunset at Xcalak
Sunset at Xcalak, Mexico

Dive boats dock at the XTC Dive Center's pier in Xcalak.

Rodrigo Friscione

Xcalak is a remote Caribbean dive paradise located at the Southeastern edge of the Yucatan Peninsula. The rustic wooden pier exemplifies the quaint charm of Xcalak. Visiting Xcalak is like traveling back into the Caribbean's past, when life was relaxed and there was nothing more to do in the evening than watch the sunset reflected in the smooth Caribbean sea. While the town is sleepy, the diving in Xcalak's marine park is anything but boring. Don't let the calm surface and quiet town fool you! Xcalak offers exciting diving on colorful reefs teaming with aquatic life and is home to a modern dive center with well-maintained boats, new equipment, and attentive service.

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