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Cenote Esmerelda

Cenote Diving Photos


Cenote Esmerelda Photos

In this photo, light rays illuminate the cavern around Cenote Esmerelda. Divers swimming past Cenote Esmerelda can see the thickness of the stone ceiling through the opening.

Daniel Gut, danielgut.com

Divers pass by Cenote Esmerelda half way through the cavern dive at Cenote Taj Mahal. This little cenote bursts with jungle-green light that filters through the trees around the cenote. While the light effects are beautiful, perhaps the most interesting aspect of Cenote Esmerelda is that the opening falls at just the correct angle for divers to see the thickness of the limestone ceiling above their heads. One glance up through the deep hole immediately conjures thoughts of the massive weight and quantity of the rock supported by the water. While this is generally not a good thing to contemplate while cavern diving, it is hard to be nervous in such a magnificent and surreal environment.

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