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Books, Magazines, Movies, and TV Shows About Scuba Diving

Here's the place to find reviews of all the latest books, movies, magazines, and television shows about scuba diving.
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Scuba Diving Books
Finding a well-written, interesting scuba diving book can be difficult. Check out recommendations, read book reviews, and purchase scuba books here.

Book Review: "Diver Down" by Michael R. Ange
"Diver Down -- Real-World Scuba Accidents and How to Avoid Them" is an accident analysis book for scuba divers. This book takes a candid look at scuba accidents with the aim of preventing similar accidents in the future. By Michael R. Ange.

Inspiring Divers -- Leo Morales
Leo Morales is the deep-diving world record holder for a diver with a disability. He stars in Kurt Miller's new documentary, "The Current" about using scuba diving and the ocean for the rehabilitation of those who have suffered a life-changing injury.

Book Review: "Diving into Darkness" by Phillip Finch
Read a review of "Diving into Darkness" by Phillip Finch. This book is the true story of David Shaw and Don Shirley, rebreather divers who pushed the limits of their sport in order to recover the body of a lost diver.

Book Review: "Caverns Measureless to Man" by Sheck Exley
"Caverns Measureless to Man" by Sheck Exley is an account of the early days of cave diving. Sheck Exley was a pioneer in the sport of cave diving and developed many of the rules that cave divers follow today.

Book Review of "The Silent World" by Jack Cousteau and F. Dumas
Review of "The Silent World" by Jack Cousteau and Frederic Dumas. "The Silent World" is an enjoyable read for both divers and non-divers.

A collection of Scuba Diving Images
A collection of scuba diving images that have featured in weekly Wordless Wednesday blog post.

Reef Fish Behavior by Ned Deloach and Paul Humann - Scuba Diving Book Review
Reef Fish Behavior by Paul Humann and Ned Deloach is a fascinating look into the underwater activities and habits of reef fish in the Caribbean, Florida, and Bahamas. Read a review of this scuba diving book and purchase it online.

Scuba Diving Book Review: The Reef Set by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach
The Reef Set, by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach includes three books: Reef Fish Identification, Reef Coral Identification, and Reef Creature Identification. It is an excellent reference guide to wildlife in Florida, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas.

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