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Scuba Diving at Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Dive With Hammerheads and Giant Manta Rays in a Tropical Paradise


Why would anyone want to book a dive vacation to a destination with very little coral reef? Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica in Central America has the answer – big life. Scalloped hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and even whales flock to Cocos Island because of its unique ecology and location. Cocos Island is a volcanic island that lies directly in the Northern-equatorial counter current. The combination of current and depth surrounding the island concentrates pelagic (open-ocean) marine life around the island's coast, giving scuba divers the opportunity to dive with fascinating ocean giants. Not only is Cocos Island host to huge creatures, but many equally enchanting small animals call it home, such as Sanguine Frogfish. In fact, the Cocos Island is so isolated that a variety of endemic (unique to one location) animals have evolved both in the waters surrounding Cocos Island and on land. The island is so isolated that is was historically used as a stop-over and treasure depository for pirates, and is reported to be the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe's Treasure Island.
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Cocos Island WaterfallCocos IslandSchools of Scalloped Hammerhead SharksHammerhead SharksUnderwater scenery at Cocos Island, Costa RicaUnderwater ScenerySpotted Eagle RaysSpotted Eagle Rays
Whitetip Reef SharksWhitetip Reef SharksSchool of JacksSchools of JacksOctopus at Cocos Island, Costa RicaOctopusSea Turtle at Cocos Island, Costa RicaSea Turtles
Giant Manta Ray at Cocos Island, Costa RicaGiant Manta RaysCrown of Thorns Starfish at Cocos Island, Costa RicaCrown of Thorns StarfishMarble Stingray at the Cocos Islands, Costa RicaMarble RayFrogfish at Cocos Island, Costa RicaFrogfish
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