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Red Hind

Marine Life You Can See While Diving in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic


Photo of Red Hind by Vladi Heger

This photo of Red Hind Grouper, Epinephelus guttatus, was taken while diving in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. Red Hinds create suction to vacuum up prey by rapidly opening their huge mouths.

Vladi Heger of Sharky's Shop, Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
The Red Hind, Epinephelus guttatus, sports red polka dots over most of its body, including its blubbery lips. A member of the sea bass family, this 10 to 15-inch grouper is also known as a Strawberry Grouper or a Speckled Hind. Lucky divers may observe the carnivorous Red Hind feed in an interesting way. By opening its mouth, the grouper creates suction and vacuums up prey, swallowing it whole. Like most groupers, the Red Hind can change color. Divers sometimes see it darkening or lightening as it moves between habitats and activities. To distinguish the Red Hind from other small, spotted groupers, look for the black margin lining its tail and dorsal (top) fins.
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