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What Is Confined Water?


What Is Confined Water?

Two divers prepare for a confined water scuba dive.

istockphoto.com, yuri_arcurs

Definition of Confined Water:

Scuba diving instructors use the term confined water to describe a dive site (generally used for skill practice) with controlled conditions. The most common example of a confined water dive site is a swimming pool. Other typical confined water locations include a calm bay, a lake, or even a manmade quarry. Confined water dive sites generally do not have a strong current or rough surface. The concept behind a confined water dive site is that it allows student divers to practice new exercises in an easy environment before progressing to the open water.

What Is a Confined Water Dive?:

This term is used for a scuba dive conducted in a confined water dive site. Usually, these dives are conducted for training purposes. Most training courses requires scuba diving skill practices in water shallow enough to stand up in as well as in water too deep to stand. For example, the open water scuba course requires five confined water sessions with skill practices in both deep and shallow water. This requirement means that a dive site appropriate for the open water course will have a variety of depths.

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