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Freediving is becoming increasingly popular. Learn the the basics of freediving including techniques and equipment. Learn about freediving courses and certification with these articles by About.com guest author and freediving expert Julien Borde.

Browse All Freediving Articles
Scan through a list of all freediving articles, including articles about freediving training, world records, certification agencies, and gear.

What Is Freediving?
Why is an article about freediving on a scuba diving website? The two sports have more in common than one might think! Scuba divers who are interested in discovering new ways to explore the underwater world, challenging themselves, or simply improving their scuba diving skills may be interested in learning about the increasingly popular sport of...

7 Types of Freediving
The different types of freediving (apnea) include static, dynamic, constant weight with fins, constant weight without fins, variable weight, and no limits. Learn about the these freediving disciplines and compare and constrast the differences between them.

7 Types of Freediving Equipment (Gear)
Learn about 7 tyoes of freediving equipment. Freediving gear includes masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits, and as surface support station. Learn about freediving gear, and what makes it different from scuba diving gear.

Freediving (Apnea) World Records as of Jan 2013
The freediving (apnea) world records as of the beginning of 2013 are pretty incredible. Here is a list of freediving records in static freediving, dynamic freediving, constant weight freediving, variable weight freediving, and no-limits freediving.

AIDA Recreational Freediving Training
AIDA is a freediving training agency. AIDA offering courses for everyone from complete novices to advanced freedivers.

About Freediving Guest Author Julien Borde
Julien Borde is a free diving instructor, open water scuba instructor, and technical diver.

Freediving Schools and Associations
Read a list of recognized, reputable freediving schools, including AIDA, FII, SSI and others. This list of freediving associations include links to some of the most common agencies.

Freediving Physiology Basics
How does a freediver hold his breath for so long underwater? Learn about the basic physiology of freediving, including the roles of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Shallow Water Black Out and Freediving
Shallow water black out is a risk of freediving, but it can be avoided with proper procedures. What causes shallow water black out and how can you avoid it when freediving?

10 Considerations for Planning a Safe and Successful Freedive
Learn ten ways to plan as safe and successful freedive from About.com guest author for freediving, Julien Borde.

The Mammalian Diving Reflex and Freediving (Apnea)
The mammalian diving reflex is a natural adpative reflex which allows marine mammals, diving birds, and people to stay underwater for long periods of time.

Blood Shift and the Spleen Effect in Freediving
Blood shift and the spleen effect are two aspects of the mammalian dive reflex experienced by freedivers. These responses of the body to pressure increase during a freedive can help to improve a freediver's abilities

4 Suggestions for Choosing and Wearing Freediving Wetsuits
4 tips to help you choose and use a freediving wetsuit, including advice about suit thickness, donning a suit, and more.

Buoyancy and Freediving

The Buddy System and Freediving
One of the best ways to reduce the risk of freediving is to dive with a certified buddy. Learn three ways that a buddy makes freediving safer.

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