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Conservation and Diving

Conservation and ecology articles for scuba divers.

5 Tips for Breaking Into the Marine Conservation Industry
5 tips for breaking into the marine conservation industry. A volunteer position can help you gain experience, but choose your program carefully . . .

Conservation for Scuba Divers
Browse conservation articles for scuba divers. Learn about conservation topics such as coral diseases, dive site preservation, and the great pacific garbage patch.

Coral Reef Restoration
Coral Reef Restoration opportunities for scuba divers help scuba divers to preserve and save the undewater world they love.

A Victory for Marine Conservation - CITES 2013
CITES 2013 has regulated international trade on several more species as sharks and manta rays. This was a landmark year for marine conservation, find out why scuba divers should be excited!

Are Shark Feeding Dives Acceptable?
Is shark feeding on scuba dives ever acceptable? Read shark expert Dr. David Delaney's opinion. It's not what you might think!

Divers Can Learn by Observing Animal Behavior and Feeding Habits
Learn about the ocean's food chain, or trophic web. Every fish and animal in the ocean plays an intergral role in the health of the entire marine ecosystem.

Fish Spawning Aggregations
What is a fish spawning aggregation, and what is its ecological signifigance? Read about fish spawning information for scuba divers, as well as where and how you can see a spawning aggregation.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Save the Sea Turtles - How Scuba Divers Can Help
How can scuba divers help sea turtles to survive? All sea turtles species are either vulnerable, threatened or endangered. Here are tips for divers interested in saving their underwater friends.

Dive Site Preservation
How can scuba divers help to preserve their favorite dive sites?

Is Scuba Diving With Sharks Dangerous?
Is scuba diving with sharks dangerous? No! In fact, a person is more likely to die falling out of his bed or injure himself using the toilet than to be the victim of a shark attack.

The Atlantic and Caribbean Lionfish Invasion
The lionfish, Pterois volitans, is an invasive species in the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Learn facts and information about the lionfish invasion.

First Aid and Facts About Lionfish Stings for Divers
Lionfish have poisonous spines that can inject a powerful neurotoxin if touched. Learn about first aid and basic facts for lionfish stings.

Monique Mancilla and Daniel Ponce-Taylor
Bio of Monique Mancilla and Daniel Ponce-Taylor, co-authors for scuba diving conservation articles.

Dr. David G. Delaney
Read a bio page by Dr. David Delaney, a shark expert and conservationist writing as a guest author for About.com Scuba.

The Lionfish Invasion -- How Scuba Divers Can Help
Scuba divers can help to reduce the number of lionfish in the Caribbean. Learn how you can help!

What Causes Coral Diseases?
What causes coral diseases? Coral diseases may be caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Other stress factors such as sedimentation and pollution may predispose coral to diseases.

8 Common Coral Diseases
Learn to identify common coral diseases using this illustrated guide. This guide includes information and photos about black band disease, red band disease, white band disease, and white plague disease.

Learn to Identify Coral Diseases
Learn to identify coral diseases. This illustrated guide helps divers to identify common coral diseases such as

5 Tips for Stopping the Spread of Coral Diseases
How can scuba divers help to stop the spread of coral disease? Coral diseases are one of the major threats to the survival of coral reefs. Learn how divers can help to stop coral diseases from destroying reefs.

Scuba Diving Conservation Vacations - Interships and Volunteering Opportunities
Suggested scuba diving conservation vacations and interships. Marine conservation vacations are a great way for scuba divers to enjoy exotic diving and help to preserve the underwater world.

Stefanie Conrad
Bio of Stefanie Conrad, guest Author for About.com Scuba Diving for Coral Conservation Projects

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