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Natalie Gibb

Boat Diving Etiquette

By February 8, 2012

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One of the many positive aspects of cenote diving is that no boats are involved. Not only do I not get seasick on my way to the dive site, my divers and I can usually avoid some of the hassles of boat diving, such as limited space and time for gearing up. Unfortunately, today when I arrived at cenote Jardin del Eden, a single guide and diver had already managed to use all the space normally shared by several dive groups of four or more people. Small pieces of dive gear were spread out as if for inventory, covering the entire twelve foot table. Tanks were in the parking spaces and their dive truck was backed up to the point that it nearly touched the table, allowing no room for other divers to pass. How inconsiderate! I thought to myself as my diver and I struggled to assemble our gear on the tailgate of my truck, ankle deep in a mud puddle. Then I realized that I see this behavior all the time on dive boats, where space is much more limited. Assuming that most divers hit the water infrequently enough to realize the errors of their ways, here are some tips on boat (and other dive site) etiquette.

13 Tips for Boat Diving Etiquette | Share Your Tips

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